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RF Online Crafting cost calculator :)

I've made a little excel file, specialy for crafters, but anyone can use it freely.


Usage (mini tutorial):

For example reasons we will try to craft a lvl 37 shield (Crystal Protecter)

  • Main:
    • 1 Teitalrous
  • Sub
      • 1 Iritalrio
        • 2 Ostalium
          • 2 Siar blident

          How we calculate costs:

          1. Tries per succes: If you can craft 1 Shield every 3 tries, then put 3.
          2. Put your sell margin. It goes from 0% and up.
          3. Materials:
          1. Select from the list the loot materials needed, in our case: Siar Blident
          2. Put the number of mats needed, in our case
        • Put the needed ores, only edit the quantity field.
          in our case: 1 Teitalrous 1 Iritalrio and 2 Ostalium.
        • 2nd-step.png

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  1. Thanks for this great calculator!

    I have made a few adjustments to the red ore names and added the missing Rian booty item. I also adjusted the colors on the ore table a little for better readability. Email me if you would like the adjusted file.

    Earth / ACC / GM spec

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